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So, something about me. Here it goes…


Name: Lostris (my real name is Reka)

Age: 15

School: Otto Herman Grammer School

Like: Writing stories on ancient Egypt and Harry Potter, draw in manga style, read books (I don’t like magazines – expect National Geographic)
Hair: brown-blonde

Eyes: dark brown

Mother: Math teacher (yes, she taught me in primary school!)
Father: private detective (really!)

Sisters: Dorothy (10) and Christie (6)

Live: Hungary, Miskolc

Favourite pharaoh: Akhenaten

Favourite book: Wilbur Smith: River God, Hilary Wilson: Egyptian Woman

Favourite colour: pink and green

Novels written by me: Daughter of the Nile (the story of Kiya and Akhenaten) The Ra Team (about Akhenaten’s brother, Thotmes, Sobeknofret and Hormes) Prefect problems (a Harry Potter fan fiction story) The werewolf (another Harry Potter fanfiction story)
Favourite actor: Alan Rickman

Favorite film: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Favourite computer game: Pharaoh, Zeus, Egypt III, Age of Empires
Comics by me: My Egypt Goddess, Chess Matt

Anything else: I like travelling! I have been to Egypt (my favourite :)) , Spain, Italy, Greece, and Tunice! If I grow up, I wanna be an egyptologist or/and a writer.



The Ra Team